Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Expressions: The British Banker Edition

Trying to be all adult-like, I made several appointments with my local bank to try and sort out things like oh...retirement and funding the children's education.  You know.  Minor details.

So of course my Banker would be from England.  And just in time because I needed some authentic Sunday Expressions.

I was treated to several HOURS (lots of sorting needed) of British expressions.  I seriously wanted to take notes, but I supposed that would have been too weird.

So my Sunday Expression:  The Banker Edition is "Wait a tick."  This expression was used when I attempted to chatter while he was adding up my sums (or lack of), when I interrupted him while he was on the telephone sorting out my various messes, or needed me to clarify some financial nonsense I was spouting.

Any Brits out there use "Wait a tick"?

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