Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Expressions: What?

No, really what?


No, what?

This week's Sunday Expression was inspired by Sophie Brookover who after listening to a few Jeeves & Wooster audiobooks increased her British vocabulary impressively and
exponentially.  This tweet had me particularly intrigued...

So, what is what?

Sophie's theory is that it emphasizes the speaker's point and is used to "encourage agreement with an expectation of a response like 'quite so', 'indeed', or "I jolly well agree!'".

I jolly well agree and feel like it's similar to the Hindi "accha" which can be used in a variety of situations and for different meanings.

Ah, the mystery of British expressions, what?

Do you use what? and when, what?

And thank you, Sophie, for your simply dashing use of British expressions.

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