Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday's Arts and Leisure

Today's Arts and Leisure: Crochet

Over the past few years I've become more and more proficient at crochet.  And when I say over the past few years I mean eleven!  I first picked up a crochet needle when I was on five weeks of bedrest waiting for my son to arrive.  I was terrible at bedrest and worse at crochet.

Since then I have become better but it has been a slow process.  I have gobs of yarn from all my attempts over the years so I decided a good use for it was to learn how to make a decent granny square. Of course this took me to ye olde YouTube which is so incredibly handy when you're learning a new skill.  I happened to find one of my now favorite UK YouTubers and bloggers, Sarah-Jayne at Bella Coco.  With her directions and her patient replies via Twitter, I was able to figure out how to granny square and connect them!

Last spring I became a huge fan of the series Call the Midwife based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth {a topic deserving at post of its own}.  When I saw this pattern by Amy's Gurumis I knew that I just had to try it!  Not long afterwards, I had my own version of Chummy!  Amy was even nice enough to feature a picture of my Chummy on her blog {last photo - felt jacket}.

Tickety-boo!  I crocheted Chummy!
Thank you, Amy for the great pattern!

Do you like to crochet or are you a knitter?  Anything particularly British that inspires you?

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